Quick Update

    Hey all, just wanted to drop a brief update. I know I've been quiet for a few months now and going from posting every few days to not at all out of the blue seems like a dick move to me so I figured I should explain myself. I got a new job shortly before starting this page and as of these past few months it's been keeping me running and busy one way or another. Temporary position changes, working from home, new policies, blah blah blah. 

   Between that and my perfectionist attitude towards my captions making the process slow, I just can't get into the zone like I was initially. I'd rather sit down to write a caption and finish it an hour or so later than do a few minutes here and there over time, it's just not the same feeling for me.

   Hopefully I'll eventually post here and there if I ever find the drive and time, but as of right now I don't know what'll happen. I'd really like to finish the Ryan story, but I've lost my train of thought on that one so I might just end up leaving it open or passing it off to someone else who wants to give it a go. We'll see. Also, not that it really affects many people, but the request tab is closed off to series. If I get requests for one-off caps, I'll work on them, but I can't guarantee any time frames. Who knows? Maybe a neat idea will give me the drive to make another post or two.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or anything else you wanna say, feel free to leave them below.

TL:DR - I'm still alive, got a new job, little time and motivation for caps, requests tab only for one-off caps, future of page uncertain, details above.


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